La Cañada Observatory, is an initiative by Juan Lacruz, the observatory started astrometric operations in the summer of 2002, it is registered as station J87 in the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union.

The Observatory also participates in the studies on minor bodies promoted by the Group on Meteorites, Minor Bodies, and Planetary Sciences of the Institute of Space Sciences (CSIC-IEEC).

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MPC summary report J87 May 2012

The changes from March to May according to the last published summary reports show :

Two new principal designations

2006 PK
2008 CJ161

A new temporary designation

2007 XX59 though it doesn't have a published orbit.

Three new numbered objects two for La Cañada, one for another observatory.

2008 QN16 325266* (La Cañada)
2009 UN28 328740* (La Cañada)

2008 SP11 326539 (Other observatory)

This rises to 42 the number of numbered discoveries attributed to J87 La Cañada.