La Cañada Observatory, is an initiative by Juan Lacruz, the observatory started astrometric operations in the summer of 2002, it is registered as station J87 in the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union.

The Observatory also participates in the studies on minor bodies promoted by the Group on Meteorites, Minor Bodies, and Planetary Sciences of the Institute of Space Sciences (CSIC-IEEC).

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Comet C2007 N3 Lulin

Comet Lulin heading the outer Solar System.
Canon EOS 40D + 200mm F2.8 (c) Juan Lacruz.

A color enhanced rendition of the comet to better show the tail/coma structure of this fine comet, LX200 40cm F10 + STL1001E + RVB filters
Note the dust tail in red and the coma in lights of blue and gree.